Post Planning

Once planning is obtained, The House Designers offer Additional Services to help you realise their dream home.

These services would be tailored to suite each and every project and can really make a difference in ensuring a smooth-running project to avoid any nasty surprises down the line.

Broadly speaking these are either design related or construction related.

In terms of Design, these services may include additional design work should the client wish to make any minor changes or revisions to the consented design.

In terms of Construction Management, each planning application comes with “planning conditions” which we could discharge during the building phase.

Co-ordination between the project team is crucial, and in a Project Management capacity, The House Designers could fulfil this remit by ensuring that the Groundworks, slab or basement contractor, hard and soft landscaper and any other specialist all work in a co-ordinated way.

Should you have any specialist requirements such as an internal pool, audio visual requirements or specialist lighting design for your new home, we would also undertake a Project Management or Design role under our Additional Services remit.